The “Essentials” Online – Only $110!

Do you know there are just 3 key things you need to understand and follow to ensure you ALWAYS look good? Its The ‘Essentials’….Your body shape, your colour group and your style personality.
At CeCe Boo we have created a very affordable consultation that includes all 3!
All your personalised information is put together in a convenient, handbag size styling swatch!


  • Your body shapeWhen you know what your body shape is you will understand the correct shapes and styles of clothing that flatter you. You will learn everything from the right dresses, pants and skirts to the right collars, sleeves, necklines and so much more. Truly enlightening…youʼll never see clothes the same way again!
  • Your colour group: Understanding the colours that are right for you is the 2nd essential ingredient to your style. After carefully analysing which of the 12 colour groups you fall into you are then taught the best way to wear your perfect colours. Youʼll be amazed at the difference the right colour can make!
  • Your style personality: The 3rd essential ingredient is so important and often overlooked. Understanding your style personality ensures the look and feel of your outfit is essentially you!


Click Buy Now to purchase. Just fill in a simple questionnaire and you’ll receive your personalised handbag sized “style guru” within 7 days. (You will be asked to provide 2 photos, a full length and portrait)

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