The ‘Signature Essentials’

“Feeling good about yourself is not a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity in life” – Eleanor Roosevelt

At CeCe Boo we offer a new approach to personal styling and image consulting. We teach you how to become expert in your own style and how to highlight your personal assets no matter what your age, size, budget or lifestyle.

Our ‘Signature Essentials’ Style and Colour consultation is a unique system that has been created by and exclusive to CeCe Boo. It is based on the philosophy that if you understand and are conscious of three key elements: your body shape, style personality and colour group you will “get it right” and look great every time!

Why Have a Personal Style & Colour Consultation? Do you know what colours are best for you, what colours make your complexion look vibrant and takes years off your appearance? Are you wearing the right shapes of clothing that will flatter your figure and enhance what you like, and diminish what you don’t? Do you have a functional mix and match wardrobe, or are you wearing 20% of your clothes 80% of the time. Are your clothes a reflection of how you want to be perceived? Do you love everything you buy, or do you waste money on clothes that don’t make you look or feel good? If you struggled to answer yes to any of these questions, the ‘Signature Essentials” is for you!


How it works – Please see the 3 options below how you can receive your ‘Signature Essentials’

Please see our style and colour choices below. 


The "Essentials" Online


The "Essentials"


Duration: 2 hrs

The "Essentials" Plus


Duration: 4 hrs


If you would like any more information please call 0424 044 547