Deluxe Personal Shopping

Ever regretted a purchase?
Well weʼre here to take the stress out of shopping and make sure you get it right EVERY TIME!!

Whether youʼre looking for a one off outfit, seasonal update or whole new wardrobe we tailor our shopping trip to suit your needs.




Why have a Personal Shopping experience – It can often be very overwhelming when shopping especially when you need to consider so much…. Is it the right colour, shape, fit, style, age appropriate, am I panic buying and will it be another item in the wardrobe that has only been worn once!

This is where we can help, as we’ll not only take the stress and uncertainty out of your experience we’ll also save you money!

How it works – Prior to shopping we gather your essential information. This includes your body shape,  personal style, colouring, lifestyle, new wardrobe needs and budget. This information is then analysed so an informed ‘pre shop’ can be conducted.

At CeCe Boo we never take our clients shopping before conducting a thorough ‘pre shop’. We want your experience to be fun and enjoyable not a chore!

We take all the unnecessary stress and leg work out, so when you arrive you will only be taken to the stores where your ideal items have already been pre-selected.


N/B At CeCe Boo we work solely for you! We do NOT receive any incentives or commissions from retailers.


Express shopping


For those wanting a one off outfit or just a few items.

Total duration 3 hours Clients shop 1.5 hrs - Stylists pre shop 1.5 hr

Seasonal shopping


For those wanting a new seasonal wardrobe

Total duration 4.5 hours Clients shop 2.5 hrs - Stylists pre shop 2 hrs

Complete Wardrobe shopping


For those needing a full mix and match wardrobe including shoes and accessories.

Total duration 6 hours Clients shop 3.5 hrs - Stylists pre shop 2.5 hrs